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His three children were killed by Israeli bombs


Freedom of Speech at the University of Illinois: the firing of Steven Salaita confirmed

This is what the Chancellor said: "What we cannot and will not tolerate at the University of Illinois are personal and disrespectful words or actions that demean and abuse either viewpoints themselves or those who express them."  I never knew that disrespectful words are not covered by the 1st amendment.  Also, what did they mean by "actions"? Did Steven rough up "Israel" on Twitter? That was the action? 

Today, I go back to school

I have made it clear to the dean at my school: I refuse to teach before I am provided with an exact replica of this chair in all my classrooms. Thanks. Is that too much to ask, damn it?

The Qatari regime and ISIS

Only after the beheading of Foley did the Qatari regime (which had funded and armed ISIS more than any other regime, while Saudi regime provided the ideological arsenal and donations) discover that ISIS is dangerous. It issued its first condemnation of ISIS yesterday.

The Israeli prime minister deleted his ugly tweet featuring Foley's beheading

 Tom Gara (@tomgara)

8/21/14, 5:17 PM
The Israeli PM has deleted his ugly tweet featuring Foley's beheading in an anti-Hamas ad.…

"Civilian combatants"? Is that like "virgin prostitutes" or "peaceful warrior"? or "naive wisdom"?

"Civilian combatants" is a term invented by the Syrian Observatory (but I bet some American consultant came up with it) in order to claim that even the combatants who are killed by Syrian regime are civilians. 

Syrian Obvervatory and counting the dead in Syria

From Goran:  "According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

more than 180,000 have been killed so far in the Syrian conflict. It further claims that 89,286 of these victims were civilians.
A careful reading   of the observatory’s statistics, however, reveals that this number includes 30,481 “civilian” combatants, whatever that is supposed to mean. So “only” 58,805 of the dead were actually non-combatants, of which 6,063 were women and 9,428 children.
If this is true more than 67% of the fatalities in the Syrian conflict have been combatants and about 91% have been adult men. I’m sure that the BBC 
NY Times, and Commentary  will soon run stories about this striking revelation. Whatever one feels about the Syrian conflict and its warring parties one can hardly accuse them of “indiscriminate” killings. This is clearly demonstrated by the extraordinary low proportion of woman and children among their victims.   Much lower in fact than in Israel’s assault on Gaza."

Beheadings and Middle East culture

"Some analysts have argued that beheading can be linked to Middle Eastern culture. "The religious and cultural symbolism that the sword carries with it in the eyes of the Muslims, particularly in the Middle East, is an important factor in determining the terrorists’ choice to behead hostages," Pete Lentini and Muhammad Bakashmar of Monash University's Global Terrorism Research Center explained in a 2007 academic paper. Lentini and Bakashmar also cited examples of beheadings in modern Islamic states – last year Amnesty International criticized a ‘disturbing’ rise in executions in Saudi Arabia, including beheadings." 1) The Guillotine was invented by a French doctor and not by Ibn Sina. 2) Saudi regime and its system of injustice is not "Middle East culture".  This is a Western entity, and I regard it as an extension of Western rule in the region.   3) All "cultures" had examples of beheadings.  In the Middle East, they only are still allowed in Saudi Arabia--your best loyal ally.

Woe to the day

Woe to the day when I have to learn from an Israeli propaganda paper how to cook my eggplants.

Anti-Semites have no place in the Palestinian movement--and I don't care if they Arabs

Such kooks tweeting against Jews have no place in the Palestinian camp.  They don't belong in the movement and they should be publicly shamed and ejected.  The Palestinian cause is too sacred to be soiled by those bigots and haters.   (thanks Michele)

collective punishment in Gaza

"The owners of the largest factories in Gaza, whose operations were destroyed by artillery shells and airstrikes, say Israel intentionally targeted the industrial sector to bring Gaza's economy to its knees. Their charge could be difficult to prove, but hundreds of factories — including producers of ice cream, paver tiles, soft drinks and cardboard cartons — appear heavily damaged in a wave of destruction greater than in the past two wars in Gaza combined."

Liberal Zionists enable Israel's genocidal ambitions

"The ninety minute-long panel was a remarkable display of Israel's most progressive supporters obscuring the genocidal desires of Israeli settler colonialism, demonstrating that the only difference between liberal and right-wing Zionists is the degree of violence they are comfortable inflicting on Palestinians to maintain Israel as a Jewish state."

Calls for violence against Muslims does not bother westerners

"If you want these companies to suppress calls for violence, as Ronan Farrow advocated, does that apply to all calls for violence, or only certain kinds? Should MSNBC personalities be allowed to use Twitter to advocate U.S. drone-bombing in Yemen and Somalia and justify the killing of innocent teenagers, or use Facebook to call on their government to initiate wars of aggression? How about Israelis who use Facebook to demand "vengeance" for the killing of 3 Israeli teenagers, spewing anti-Arab bigotry as they do it: should that be suppressed under this "no calls for violence" standard?"

Attacks against Muslims in Britain

"Figures released recently from the campaign group Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) showed the number of attacks against Muslims in Britain was one the rise. During its first year of monitoring, Tell MAMA recorded 584 anti-Muslim incidents between April 1 2012 and April 30 2013, with about 74 percent of these taking place online." (thanks Amir)

"An ugly carnival": " the brutal head-shaving and beating of women accused of collaboration"
 "After the humiliation of a public head-shaving, the tondues - the shorn women - were often paraded through the streets on the back of a lorry, occasionally to the sound of a drum as if it were a tumbril and France was reliving the revolution of 1789. Some were daubed with tar, some stripped half naked, some marked with swastikas in paint or lipstick. In Bayeux, Churchill's private secretary Jock Colville recorded his reactions to one such scene. "I watched an open lorry drive past, to the accompaniment of boos and catcalls from the French populace, with a dozen miserable women in the back, every hair on their heads shaved off. They were in tears, hanging their heads in shame. While disgusted by this cruelty, I reflected that we British had known no invasion or occupation for some 900 years. So we were not the best judges."

The American historian Forrest Pogue wrote of the victims that "their look, in the hands of their tormentors, was that of a hunted animal". Colonel Harry D McHugh, the commander of an American infantry regiment near Argentan, reported: "The French were rounding up collaborators, cutting their hair off and burning it in huge piles, which one could smell miles away. Also, women collaborators were forced to run the gauntlet and were really beaten...In Paris there were cases of prostitutes kicked to death for having accepted German soldiers as clients. "

Isareli casino tunnels

"Israeli police have discovered that a shelter meant to protect civilians from Palestinian rocket fire had instead been transformed into a makeshift casino, complete with mini cannabis plantation. They discovered gaming boards and chips, bottles of booze and a kilo of locally grown marijuana, according to a video tour of the police search seen by AFP. " (thanks Basim)

american foreign fighter in ukraine

"A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and the only American known to have fought alongside Ukrainian forces against pro-Russian separatists has been killed in eastern Ukraine. " (thanks Nir)

French resistance and women who sipped beer with Nazi soldiers

After the war--yes AFTER WWII--all women who were seen by their communities sipping beer with Nazi soldiers were gathered in town squares: their heads were shaved and they were paraded before crowds where they were humiliated, beaten, and rocks were hurled at them.  Many of them were killed in the process. 

beheadings by allies of the West in the Middle East

" Saudi Arabia has executed at least 19 people since August 4, 2014. Local news reports indicate that eight of those executed were convicted of nonviolent offenses, seven for drug smuggling and one for sorcery...“Any execution is appalling, but executions for crimes such as drug smuggling or sorcery that result in no loss of life are particularly egregious,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director. “There is simply no excuse for Saudi Arabia’s continued use of the death penalty, especially for these types of crimes.”"

French resistance

In one province in France, one third of all those who were executed by the French resistance (on charges of collaborating with the Nazis) were women. 

Execution of Collaborators in Gaza

Oh, please, spare me your tears about the collaborators. I have lived in the US for more than 31 years and the only Palestinians that you seem to mourn and eulogize are collaborators and informers for the Israeli occupation.  Name me one resistance movement that did not execute collaborators and informers.  Name one.  The US war of independence? The civil war? Name one.  I personally would be pleased if the Palestinian resistance were to emulate the standards of the French resistance but I am against some of the cruelty exhibited by the French resistance when they would sometimes kill members of the families of collaborators (there were cases when the pets were not spared).  The Palestinian resistance should adhere to higher standards.  I am also pleased that the collaborators were put before a court prior to the death sentences.  Israel never put Palestinians on trial before killing them.  Israel kills Palestinians suspects and call that "targeted killing".  Well, the Palestinian are more accurate and legalistic in their punishment of collaborators. 

The one article that you need to read about ISIS: the Saudi Wahhabi origin of ISIS (In English)

"Why ISIS is a threat to Saudi Arabia: Wahhabism’s deferred promise".

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A tip by Prince `Abdul-`Aziz bin Fahd

"The prince once offered an €80,000 tip at a hip restaurant on the Spanish island of Ibiza, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported."

This Israeli will be free in less than a year

"The Israeli eyeglass-shop owner accused of burning an Arab teenager alive last month led a “hunting expedition” to kill a Palestinian to avenge the murder of three Israeli yeshiva students, prosecutors say...There they spotted Deema Zalloum in a Muslim headscarf and a long coat, pushing a stroller with her 6-month-old daughter as her sons Yahia, 8, and Musa, 7, walked nearby.  The yeshiva student grabbed Musa “around his throat in a strangling position” and dragged him toward Ben-David’s Honda, the indictment said.

“My only thought was to rescue my son,” Zalloum recalled in an interview. She hit her son’s abductor on the head with her cellphone.

The teenage assailant punched her in the face and shoved her to the ground, kicking her with his boots “with hatred,” she said. Zalloum blacked out. Her sons escaped to a nearby dry cleaner, and the workers ran outside, but Ben-David and his accomplice sped away."

Western governments and media are culpable: British Jihadists and Western Correspondents Share Safe Houses in 2012

From T: "In 2012 they shared safe houses... Why did the west just decide to highlight a story you have been covering for years? All we heard in 2012 was about Hezbollah and Iranian support of the Syrian Regime. These terrorists were travelling from all over the world to Turkey under the watch of every intelligence agency. Why do they act so shocked now?
"It happened that I had been in a Syrian rebel safehouse on the border the day before our colleagues were taken; there, I had stumbled across two British Muslim men with long beards who were about to enter Syria. They were clearly jihadis and uncomfortable in my presence. About ten days later, Foley’s colleagues made it out of Syria. They had, it turned out, been taken prisoner by foreign Muslim radicals, the most vicious of whom spoke with British accents.""

U.S.-Israeli rationale for mass-murder of civilians

"In Laos, Deputy CIA Director James Lilley explained that though North Vietnamese soldiers were not in the villages, they would hide there if the U.S. didn’t bomb civilians. Prime Minister Nethanyahu offers a similar rationale for mass civilian murder today." "It is precisely because there is always a rationale for bombing civilians that the progress of human civilization is largely measured by the extent to which civilians are protected in times of war from indiscriminate bombing and shelling, and that those who violate these rules are prosecuted for crimes of war. Protecting civilians against indiscriminate murder is not only a question of war. It is a measure of your own humanity."

"BBC propaganda demonizes Palestinians, praises Israeli killers"

"Just like the show's American inspiration, Homeland (which is in turn based on an Israeli original), it revives the spectre of the Arab bogeyman as the evil genius among us, ghosting across borders on false passports." "This is understandably vexing for Palestinians. After all, it is Mossad that has won itself the reputation in recent years for sending assassins to kill abroad on forged identity papers."

British jihadists committing atrocities in Syria and Iraq

"The brutal beheading of US journalist James Foley by a Briton fighting in the ranks of Isis, which calls itself Islamic State, is the latest - and most shocking - example of British jihadists committing atrocities in Syria and Iraq. Britain accounts for around one in four of all European fighters who have pledged their allegiance to Isis, with an estimated 500 Britons among 2,000 foreign fighters from across Europe. One reason is the sheer ease with which people can get to Istanbul in Turkey, and then catch a bus to get into neighbouring Syria,"

Zionist elaborte scheme of propaganda

""A Common Dreams investigation has discovered that more than a thousand of these damaging comments over the past two years were written with a deceptive purpose by a Jewish Harvard graduate in his thirties who was irritated by the website's discussion of issues involving Israel."" (thanks Amir)

businesswoman convicted of insulting members of the morality police in Saudi Arabia

"A Saudi Arabian judge has upheld a sentence of a month in prison and 50 lashes for a businesswoman convicted of insulting members of the morality police during an argument, the local al-Medina newspaper reported on Sunday. The appeals court in Mecca upheld the sentence, passed by a district court in Jeddah, after the woman was found guilty of "cursing the morality police" and calling them "liars", the Arabic-language daily reported." (thanks Basim)

The Ice Bucket Challenge from Gaza

Watch here. (thanks Laure)

Deborah E. Lipstadt on rising anti-Semitism in Europe: what actually happened in the demonstration in Berlin

Here is my take on this.  Anti-Semitism is a European invention and it has not been eliminated and it is still alive, even within the church (including the Maronite church in Lebanon).  But why suddenly this discussion of anti-Semitism during the Israeli war on Gaza? Is that to make Israel a victim of Gaza anti-Semitism? What is the link there, I don't get it. Or to basically maintain that anti-Semitism in the West is the reason why Israel needs to kill women and children in Gaza? And why in all those stats and cases of anti-Semitism no one mentions that there is also a parallel rise in Islamophobia.  And why the cases of Islamophobia in Europe don't generate much press and condemnation in the US?   Now let us take the highly dishonest article by Deboarah Lipstadt (and I have read all her books before).  Lipstadt begin her article by saying that there are worrisome signs that, despite the lack of applicability of the Nazi analogy, are reminiscent of the Nazi holocaust.  "And a pro-Hamas marcher in Berlin broke away from the crowd and assaulted an older man who was quietly standing on a corner holding an Israeli flag."  Now let us analyze this sentence. So she is here relying on ONE PERSAON to stigmatize the entire demonstration in Berlin?  But where did she get this information from? Let us go to her Israeli source:  "The more rowdy activists could not always be kept in line. Joachim Glauer was standing on the sidelines of the Kurfurstendamm avenue with a small Israeli flag in his hand. A row of policemen in riot gear stood between him and the rest of the protesters. Suddenly, a group of 7-10 youths burst through the barricade, pushed the elderly man down, and grabbed his flag. The police quickly stepped in and moved the boys away. One of the boys returned to the crowd and was cheered as the aged Glauer stood there, shaking."  Now how did Lipstadt determine that the man was "pro-Hamas marcher"? There is no evidence whatsoever, not that he has no right to be pro-Hamas, of course.  Also, regarding the act of removing an Israeli flag form the hand of a man.  Why would that qualify, according to an American expert on anti-Semitism, as an anti-Semitic act? If I decide to remove all flags of Israel from the US, that would be anti-Semitic, Lipstadt?  Since when?  And why does the act of "one man" by her counting quality to "stigmatize"--in her eyes, not mine--the whole demonstration when the same source admit: "The organizers kept this in mind. Large men with the word “Order” written across their white armbands aggressively kept back any members of the march that attempted to start scuffles or shout incendiary slogans. As the march proceeded past pro-peace and pro-Israel demonstrators, a youth burst forth from the Al-Quds Day contingent and shouted “Qassams on Tel Aviv!”  Within seconds, he was seized by one of the security personnel, held back and told to “shut up and make a peace sign!” Similar outbursts that were openly anti-Semitic were also quickly shot down by the organizers."  Now to shout "Qassams on Tel Aviv" is anti-Semitic?  How so?  And then Lipstadt elaborates on what she considers Muslim anti-Semitism:  "and a more leftist, secular form of anti-Semitism."  Where is this leftist secular anti-Semitism? Name me one leftist secular anti-Semite? Like who?

How many journalists have been killed by the Syrian government? Let us ask Human Rights Watch

A Human Rights Watch staffer tweeted this today: "Fadi Al-Qadi (@fqadi) 8/20/14, 1:33 PM
#Syria government still detains 492 media workers & journalists, #ISIS detains 23. Now we know the price!  "@SN4HR".  (And it was retweeted by the Sarah Lee Whitson, the Director of the Middle East and North Africa Division of HRW).  I thought that the number was way too high so I decided to look into their evidence. It is based on a poster (image attached in the tweet above) by a Syrian exile opposition group.  But the hilarious part is their definition of journalist: in English Fadi Al-Qadi called them "media workers" but in English in the same poster attached they are referred to as "media activists".   So Al-Qadi changed the description from media activists to media workers only to make it more credible.  The whole idea of the campaign by this Syrian exile opposition group is to prove that Syrian regime is worse than ISIS or that ISIS is not that bad. 

When American fads hit Lebanon: Ice Bucket Challenge

Just yesterday on Facebook I predicted that the Ice Bucket Challenge trend will hit Lebanon and that, typically, it will be applied in an exaggerated fashion. Here you go.

Correction: about the picture of French soldiers with heads of "natives"

From Mohamed: "About the photo you posted of the heads of Algerians held by French soldiers:

Although there might be some gaps about the history of the photo, but it is generally agreed that it is actually from the Moroccan Rif, a bunch of Spanish legionnaires holding heads of Moroccans in the Rif (Northern Morocco) in the early twenties, probably 1922. Spanish Historian Maria Rosa de Madariaga includes the photo as such in her book "Los moros que trajo Franco: la intervencion de tropas coloniales en la guerra civil" (after p. 224). Also, in his book "Deadly Embrace: Morocco and the Road to the Spanish Civil War", British historian Sebastian Balfour publishes the photo with the same explanation adding, however, that during the Spanish civil war, the Phalange used the photo for propaganda purposes claiming that it is a photo of communists from the International Brigades capturing heads of Spanish "patriots."
Attached, you will find the full picture.
PS. You can publish this if you want."

Listen to Nasser minute 4:30 explain why he rejects a separte deal with the Israeli enemy

Comrade Joseph Massad in Amman

For readers in Jordan, come attend comrade Joseph's talk about "Islam in Liberalism" in Amman.  Refreshments and Syrian appetizers are not provided.

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from this blog in 2012: Al-Qa`idah in Lebanon

How the US helped bring in Al-Qa`idah into Lebanon (and subsequently to Syria)

How many times do you have to plagiarize before you are officially declared a plagiarizer?

Fareed Zakaria, who never had an insight, and whose non-insights were also plagiarized.

Israel has killed one in every thousand Gazans. That's the equivalent of 300,000 Americans

"8/19/14, 9:24 PM
Israel has killed one in every thousand Gazans. That's the equivalent of 300,000 Americans."

"Military gear beyond Ferguson: A look at how the Pentagon’s equipment has spread"

Another Zionist liar: Mort Zuckerman

"Mort Zuckerman claims he toured the devastation in Gaza" although he never stepped foot in Gaza

This Washington Post columnist with a history of racism against blacks admits that Israel made mistakes

"Israelis make mistakes. For instance, the number and extent of Hamas' tunnels into Israel was apparently a surprise to Israeli intelligence. " (thanks Michele)

PS Do you know that this guy was a critic of Israel until one time the Zionists of ADL launched a campaign against him and then totally switched positions?  I remember him from my days in DC. 

Israel resumes killing women & children

"An Israeli air strike on a house in Gaza City killed a child and a woman late Tuesday, wounding 16 other people, local emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said."

How many bombs has Israel dropped on Gaza?

"If Abu Murad's estimate is right, then the explosive power Israel has fired on Gaza by land, sea and air so far is roughly equivalent to one of the atomic bombs the United States dropped on Japan in August 1945."