Saturday, October 03, 2015

Netanyahu mocked

This man is not mocked (and condemned and sentenced) nearly enough.

Word 2016

Finally, Word 2016 enables you to choose easily between a footnote and an endnote.


Hillary Clinton never stopped promoting human rights as Secretary of State

El Capitane

If you upgrade your Mac to El Capitane you won't be able to use Outlook 2011.  You have to upgrade to Office 2016.

The moderate Syrian rebels are suddenly back: as soon as Russia arrived

"After a two-year absence from the international stage -- during which the mainstream media dispatched them to the realm of nonexistent entities -- on October 1 the "moderate rebels" of Syria were back. The New York Times said so. Russian attacks were targeting moderates rather than ISIS, a man with a camera was quoted saying; and the Times story by Anne Barnard appeared to confirm his suspicion; even as a companion report on Russian actions in Syria by Helene Cooper, Michael R. Gordon, and Neil MacFarquhar revealed that these are the same moderates who were carefully vetted by the CIA, and concerning whom little was heard ever after. Their numbers are put at 3,000 to 5,000, though the Cooper-Gordon-MacFarquhar article leaves uncertain if that is their original or their present strength. This illumination, after so long a blackout, will doubtless be a subject for inquiry in coming days. Why it would seem worthwhile for the Russians to attack so small a force, neither of the Timesstories bothered to say; nor did they explain why, if the moderate rebels are anti-Jihadist, they were allowed to garrison in the town of Talbiseh in a region north of Homs that (according to the veteran Middle East reporter Patrick Cockburn) has been "ruled" for the past two years "by Jabhat al-Nusra and associated extreme Islamist groups.""

U.S. bombs a hospital while screaming at Russia for bombing

"A United States airstrike appears to have badly damaged the hospital run by Doctors Without Borders in the Afghan city of Kunduz early Saturday, killing at least three people and wounding dozens, including members of the hospital staff."

He suggested that the United States would not be wise to seek to punish another country for something its own intelligence services do

"The CIA pulled a number of officers from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing" "And, he said, “We, too, practice cyberespionage and . . . we’re not bad at it.” He suggested that the United States would not be wise to seek to punish another country for something its own intelligence services do. “I think it’s a good idea to at least think about the old saw about people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.” "

Foreign mercenaries of House of Khalifah in Bahrain

"This huge spending can be partially explained by an enlarged security force bolstered by foreign national recruits – many of them Pakistanis and Sunni Arabs, naturalised (there are some 30,000 naturalised Pakistanis in Bahrain, a large proportion of whom are believed to work in the military and police). These naturalised officers are given a free home and a guaranteed job. They are part of a self-perpetuating, government-made cycle of extravagant welfare, excessive security spending and political violence. Bahrain's economic woes are closely tied to its human rights record."

Since when human rights was ever a priority for UK

"Human rights are no longer a “top priority” for the Government, Britain’s most senior Foreign Office official has admitted," (thanks Amir)

Walid Khalidi

I hope that Walid Khalidi refuses the medal offered to him by the corrupt and collaborationist PA of Oslo.

Friday, October 02, 2015

October, 10th, San Deigo

I am speaking on October 10th, Saturday in San Diego.

Ugly Face of Capitalism: anti-communism in Lebanon

My weekly article in Al-Akhbar: "The Ugly Face of Capitalism: The Campaign against Communism and Communists".

US and ISIS camps in Syria

Fadi posted this on Facebook:

"So, the US pinpointed the accuracy/ inaccuracy of Russian bombings in Syria: 'Russian jets were 6.5 miles away from ISIS camps.'
My question here is: if we knew their location so precisely, ... why haven't we destroyed them and basked in glory?"

Netanyahu's speeches at the UN

In years past, Zionist mocked speech making by Ahmad Shuqayri.  These days, it is refreshing to watch the global mocking of the ridiculous speeches by Netanyahu at UN.  

Tajammu` Al-`Izzah

Ever since the Syrian war started, Western media champions one rebel group to be forgotten and then replaced by another group. One day it is FSA.  Another day it is Harakat Hazm.  This week the rebel group of choice is Tajammu` Al-`Izzah.  You know of their sponsors from the missiles that they parade on Youtube.  But that really hurts the feelings of Dr. General Engineer, Salim Idris.  Was he not supposed to liberate Syria?

King Salman (then prince) dances in honor of the Shah of Iran

Zionists funding racist neo-nazis

"A report (download PDF) released by the Dutch interior ministry on 23 September reveals that Wilders’ Party for Freedom – known by its Dutch initials PVV – received €18,110 ($20,000) from the David Horowitz Freedom Center in 2014." "Horowitz’s funding of Wilders is the first concrete indication that this Islamophobia network spans the globe."

Dadri: Mob kills man, injures son over ‘rumours’ that they ate beef

"A 50-year-old man, Mohammad Akhlaq, was beaten to death and his 22-year-old son severely injured on Monday night in UP’s Dadri, allegedly by residents of Bisara village, after rumours spread in the area about the family storing and consuming beef, police said." "Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Gautam Buddh Nagar, Kiran S, said “preliminary investigations revealed that an announcement was made from the temple” about the family consuming beef." "According to Sajida, Akhlaq’s 18-year-old daughter who was in the house when the attack took place, “a group of more than 100 people from the village” reached the house that night. “They accused us of keeping cow meat, broke down our doors and started beating my father and brother. My father was dragged outside the house and beaten with bricks. We came to know later that an announcement had been made from the temple about us eating beef,” said Sajida."

The Economist and Saudi public opinion

"The Saudi public has so far broadly backed the intervention in Yemen"  How on earth did the Economist determined that?

How statistics about war in Syria are collected and classified

"International Business Times compiled the documented death tolls for December 2014 from several Syrian human rights monitoring groups".  

Saudi Arabia and its Western protectors

"But in the face of stiff resistance from Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners, and to the dismay of human rights groups, Western governments have accepted a resolution based on a Saudi text that lacks any reference to an independent, international inquiry."

relatively secular Syrian rebel group

"Izza Gathering, is one of the remaining fragments of the loosely knit Free Syrian Army, relatively secular groups that have received some Western support". Relatively secular? It means that they are simply not ISIS.  Anyone who is not ISIS is secular in the same way that Abdul-Rashid Dustum in Afghanistan was declared a secularist by US media because he is a war criminal who drinks whisky.  

Anne Barnard finally proves that there indeed moderate Syrian rebels: how does she know that? They told her so over Skype

"We are moderate Syrian rebels and have no affiliation with ISIS.".

Russian and US military intervention in Syria: the New York Times describes

Here is how the Times describes the Russian intervention:

Russia:  "HOW IT IS FIGHTING: Russia has long supplied arms to Syria, but Russian pilots carried out their first airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday, dropping bombs near the central city of Homs."""

US:  "HOW IT IS FIGHTING: The United States leads a coalition conducting airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State and other extremist groups."  Notice that only Russian "drops bombs" while the US only "conducts airstrikes".  Having dropped more than 20,000 bombs over Syria and Iraq in the last year, the US is presented as a clean bomber: bombing without dropping bombs.

To people outside of the US: this guy is considered a serious foreign policy analyst in the US--kid you not

"and watch him become public enemy No. 1 in the Sunni Muslim world. “Yo, Vladimir, how’s that working for you?”"

Anne Barnard writes about the secular Syrian rebel groups: secular and Islamic??

"as the Nusra Front and other Islamist groups, including several more secular groups".  By saying "including" Ms. Barnard implies that the secular groups are themselves Islamic.  Which is which, Ms. Barnard?

West and US decide that Saudi regime is most qualified to investigate Saudi war crimes in Yemen

"Western governments have accepted a resolution based on a Saudi text that lacks any reference to an independent, international inquiry. Instead, the new resolution supports a decree, issued by the exiled Yemeni government of President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi, appointing a national commission of inquiry. It asks the United Nations human rights office only “to provide technical assistance and to work with the government of Yemen, as required, in the field of capacity building.” Mr. Hadi’s government is supported by Saudi Arabia and is a party to the war, commanding loyal forces in Yemen that are fighting the Houthi rebels. “The result is a lost opportunity for the council and a huge victory for Saudi Arabia, protecting it from scrutiny over laws of war violations which will probably continue to be committed in Yemen,” said Philippe Dam, deputy director of Human Rights Watch in Geneva."

UNIFIL and the world ignore Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty

"As locals were carrying out some scrapping works in the southern town of Bani Hayan, they found an Israeli spy device connected to a surveillance camera and four batteries, NNA correspondent reported on Wednesday."

"An Israeli enemy gunboat violated last night the Lebanese maritime borders off Ras al-Naqoura, to a distance of 370 meters for a period of 2 minutes, a Lebanese Army communiqué said on Thursday. "The Israeli breach is being followed-up in coordination with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon," the communiqué concluded."

"Israeli warplanes are currently conducting medium-altitude overflights in the localities of Hasbaya, Arqoub Jabal Sheikh and Shabaa Farms, NNA Correspondent reported on Thursday."

Canada and arming House of Saud

"The contract to export $15 billion worth of armoured vehicles to the Saudis, he noted, is the largest in Canadian history." "Like ISIS, the Saudis are champion torturers and beheaders. By some estimates, the Saudis actually outdo ISIS. They behead for imagined apostasy and for general criticism, but also for sorcery and a list of other offences. And after beheading, the Saudis sometimes crucify the body." "Despite all this, the Saudis are often portrayed by Western allies, like Canada, of being a force for stability in the region. In pursuit of that stability, though, they've armed and financed al-Qaeda affiliates not just in Syria but in bordering Yemen, specifically tribes sympathetic to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula."

Shootings in US

"Since the December 2012 shooting in Newtown, CT, there have been at least 142 school shootings in America — an average of nearly one a week." (thanks Amir)

Russian intervention: dilemma for Western and Arab (oil and gas) coverage

Western (and Arab gas and oil) media are facing a dilemma: they have insisted that all intervention on the side of the Syrian regime is sectarian base no matter what while they insisted that Saudi and Qatari intervention is secular based.  But what will they do with Russian intervention? Will they also claim that Putin is a secret Shi`its?

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Finally: you can write Arabic on Word in Mac

I have been testing the brand new Office 2016, and to my great delight I can report that you now can write Arabic on Word in Mac.  This is long over due.  

Netanyahu's speech making

Who advises Netanyahu on UN speech making? That idiot should be rewarded. 

US Allows Saudi Prince to Flee After He Beat and Raped 3 Women in Beverly Hills Mansion for Days

"Arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment, sexual assault and battery, a Saudi prince has also recently been accused of attacking at least three women and holding them captive for several days. Immediately upon posting bail, the prince reportedly emptied his $37 million mansion and fled the country on a private jet to avoid civil litigation and criminal charges.
Police officers arrested Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud at his Beverly Glen mansion on Wednesday after his neighbors reported seeing a woman covered in blood screaming for help while attempting to climb over the 8ft wall surrounding the prince’s property. According to Officer Drake Madison, Al-Saud was booked on suspicion of forcing one of his employees to engage in oral sex. The prince was briefly held on suspicion of false imprisonment, sexual assault and battery before posting $300,000 bail on Thursday afternoon.
Al-Saud’s neighbors reportedly saw numerous cars on Thursday emptying out of the prince’s mansion. One of his neighbors, Eric Stiskin speculated, “I am sure he has taken off on his private jet by now. I don’t think he even needs a passport to get out of here.”" (thanks Talal)

The NGO invasion of the Middle East

From figures cited by PA prime minister. Western governments spend some $800 million annually on 2882 NGOs in the West Bank alone. What are they getting in return, I wonder.

The U.S. continues to drop bombs on both, deploys soldiers in both, kills civilians in both

"How do you know when you’re an out-of-control empire? When you keep bombing and deploying soldiers in places where you boast that you’ve ended wars. How do you know you have a hackish propagandist for a president? When you celebrate him for “ending two wars” in the very same places that he keeps bombing." "Whatever else one wants to say about Iraq and Afghanistan, one cannot honestly say that Obama ended the wars in those countries. The U.S. continues to drop bombs on both, deploys soldiers in both, kills civilians in both, and engages in a wide range of overt and covert force," (thanks Amir)

eating meat

US bombs don't kill: only Russian bombs kill. US bombs never hit civilians: only Russian bombs kill civilians

This is basically is the crux of the coverage in Western and Arab (oil and gas) media.  US and its allies have dropped more than 20,000 bombs over Iraq and Syria in the last year alone.  There has been no coverage to speak of of the civilians killed by those bombs.  The nature of Western media is now getting quite close to the propaganda tenor of Arab (oil and gas) media.  

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The bad terrorists and the good terrorists who are supported by West

"Nobody here sees much difference between Isis, Jabhat al-Nusra or Ahrar al-Sham and other al-Qaeda clones. Nobody supposes that there are “moderate” Islamists of any strength with whom there can be negotiations. This view was comically borne out last week when a small force of supposed moderates sent by the US army to Aleppo promptly handed over their weapons to Nusra."

Aljazeera and Snowden

To Aljazeera Arabic: no, Edward Snowden never said that he has documents to show that Bin Laden is alive. Stop peddling stupid internet rumors.  The Russian magazine you cite does not even exist.

Lebanese communists against ISIS

"LCP says it is also in the process of setting up similar armed groups in other border areas that are vulnerable to infiltration from Syria in coordination with the Lebanese army and Hezbollah." "The communist party is not the first group to volunteer its men to take up arms and support the military and Hezbollah in the area. In 2014, a Christian armed group was created in Ras Baalbek to patrol the village and its surrounding area. Elsewhere in eastern and southern Lebanon, the Resistance Brigades, a Hezbollah-backed group, serves a similar function."

UK deal to back Saudi Arabia for UN Human Rights Council exposed

"The documents indicate Britain initiated the backroom talks by asking Saudi Arabia for its support ahead of the November 2013 UNHRC elections. The Saudi regime has beheaded more people this year than Islamic State and has an appalling record of killing or lashing people who speak out, are homosexual or commit adultery. Britain and Saudi Arabia were elected to the UNHRC, which has 47 member states." "Mr Neuer said being a UNHRC member would help Saudi Arabia escape scrutiny of its rights violations. “No one ever has even tried to hold Saudi Arabia to account with a resolution, special session, commission of inquiry or suspension of their membership,” he said. “The US, EU and other democracies give the Saudis a free pass.” "

killing at least 70 civilians

"Warplanes with the Saudi Arabia-led military coalition bombed a wedding party on Yemen’s Red Sea coast on Monday, killing at least 70 civilians, according to two local officials and a relative of one of the victims." "The killings added to criticism of the Saudi-led coalition for carrying out what human rights advocates and aid workers said was a military campaign that increasingly failed to distinguish between military targets and civilians."

Neil MacFarquhar in Moscow

Having covered the Arab world without knowing Arabic, Mr. MacFarquhar is now covering Russia without knowing Russian.  Look at this gem: "The forces of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria were reportedly so depleted by the end of the summer that Damascus sent a senior envoy to Moscow to warn that the government was weighing a retreat from the capital to the coastal heartland of the Alawite minority that constitutes much of the elite."  The source of this story is Arabic tabloids owned by Saudi princes. Kid you not.