Sunday, February 07, 2016

The trouble with US foreign policy

You know the severe problems of US foreign policies when presidential candidates, from Bernie Sanders to Marco Rubio, cite the wisdom of the King of Jordan.  Hopeless.

Vietnam: a celebration of liberation

Rare images.

What about holding terrorist babies? Would that be illegal too?

"Netanyahu Seeks to Oust Lawmakers Who Meet With Terrorists' Families".  If it was not for US unconditional support, Israel would have been the most mocked (and condemned) entity on earth.

Another achievement by an Israeli dishes

I can't keep up with the contributions and innovations of Israeli chefs.  Those are the ones who take Middle East (non-Israeli) cuisine to another level.  An Israeli chef just announced that he was the first person to ever pour olive oil on a Hummus plate. This will go into the new edition of Israeli cookbooks (subtitled: what we steal from the food of the occupied).  

Muhammad Alloush, of the Army of Islam, explains that he made clear to Riyadh his opposition to secularism

The Organization which put civilians in cages as human shields, obtained White House approval as legitimate opposition member in Geneva

Cities and towns in Syria

So I don't understand. So do Syrian cities and towns "fall" if they come under the control of foreign fighters, say, from Chechnya or Saudi Arabia?  As one Western journalist who is sympathetic to the Syrian "revolution", wrote to me today: "Yes there is a constant stream of articles about Aleppo's "fall." A bit strange to call a government regaining control of its own territory "falling." Aleppo city was not a pro opposition city and part of it was conquered by foreign backed insurgents who invaded from the countryside. Its not like the residents of that city wanted the insurgents to come in."  Personally, I want the whole of Syria to fall out of the control of both: the Syrian regime and the Syrian rebels.

Liberal Feminist Sexism

I was never a fan of her brand of feminism: "Gloria Steinem Says Young Women Only Support Bernie Because Boys Do".

Madeleine Albright

What we need is the foreign policy assessment of credentials from Ms. Albright. She who once commented that China is going forward because she saw clothes on hanging ropes from balcony in more varied colors. Kid you not.

Why? A comparison of Syria and Iraq

Yasser on Facebook posted this:
Why is it that Syrian [regime] attempt to regain Aleppo is always described as "invasion" or "conquest" whereas Iraqi [regime] (future) attempt to regain Mosul always described as "liberation"?


Chris Christy going after Rubio in the Republican debate last night was the best TV show since the release of Dexter.

Victims in the Sisi republic

I want to remind you and remind some Egyptian intellectuals that there are victims in Egypt of the Sisi killing machine and torture chambers who fall every day, but they may not be Italian and they may not be graduate students at Cambridge. Do they count? Or because some of them are Ikhwan or Ikhwan sympathizers (or others) they don't deserve support or sympathy?

The propaganda reporting of Liz Sly--one of the least credible foreign reporter working in the Middle East today

"Most of the pro-government forces now fighting in northern Aleppo province are Shiite militias from either Iraq or Afghanistan that have been recruited by Iran to help out its ally in Damascus, according to rebels and military analysts."  I know that you have been saying all along since the Syrian war started that 1) the regime is about to fall any second; 2) that the regime does not have one Sunni supporter; 3) and that Syrian rebels are a bunch of feminists, secularists, democrats, and progressives but let me ask you: how would your rebel friends know that the forces are Shi`ites?  Did they interview them one by one, or do your sectarian Islamist rebel friends can tell a Shi`ite from their appearance?  As for your military analysts in Western capitals: how would they also manage to tell from afar whether the forces are Shi`ites?  Is that by a hunch?  I really am willing to write a letter of recommendation for Liz Sly if she were to apply for the job of foreign correspondent for the National Inquirer.

Syrian opposition delegation in Geneva

"Meanwhile, the opposition's massive media support team, with professionals from a Washington-based public relations firm, the British Foreign Office and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, helped coordinate a steady flow of interviews with various opposition spokesmen well into the night."

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Zionists strongly urge the full airing of Al-Qa`idah propaganda

Zionists and some supporters of March 14 among the Syrian rebels are up in arms: you see, Nusrah Front (the official branch of Al-Qa`idah in Syria) summoned a Lebanese reporter with a reputation of support and sympathy for Nusrah (who praised their "hospitality" and said that the imposition of Jizyah on Christians is within Islam (she is not Muslim herself), and gave her videos of Lebanese prisoners held by Nusrah Front.  The woman sold the video to MTV Lebanon (although there was a bidding from Aljazeera), but MTV management felt that it would not be proper to not consult with Hizbullah about the video of their prisoners.  Hizbullah MPs asked the MTV to not air the video as it is a mere propaganda for Al-Qa`idah, while MTV decided to air a segment only of the video.  Zionists in the US and Lebanon are up in arms: they believe that all propaganda videos by Bin Laden successors should be aired in full.  But correct me if I am wrong: the US government has asked US TV stations to not air propaganda videos by Bin Laden after Sep. 11. So where is the story here? I don't get it.

Kuwait chair at Georgetown University

I just read that the Kuwait chair at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service has been filled.  I read that Kuwaiti academic, Hassan Ibrahim (Ebraheem), gave the keynote address on the occasion of the renewal of the chair.   This same Ibrahim is the one who called Batatu back in 1990 pressuring him to issue a statement condemning Saddam's invasion of Kuwait and expressing support for Kuwait. He threatened the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies of withholding funds if Batatu did not follow through.  Of course, Batatu refused. And then they tell you: no strings potato.

Zionist lies

This is a lie. The whole story is fabricated.  There was no pressure involved, merely meetings. Even when Nusrah released through their Lebanese propagandists in March 14 media footage of "interviews" with Lebanese soldiers prisoners, there was a request for the media to exercise restraint in airing the raw footage.  But of course Zionist never miss an opportunity to lie and fabricate.

Muhammad bin Salman interview with the Economist

Here is the deal.  I, among others, was surprised with the answers Muhammad bin Salman gave in the interview with the Economist.  He sounded less dumb and less uneducated than he actually is. But I have been inquiring about the matter and I learned: that he never spoke directly to the Economist. He had an adviser seated next to him, and he would speak in Arabic, and the adviser spoke in English to the Economist. My hunch is that the answers were largely provided by the adviser.

Support for Al-Qa`idah is now fashionable in Lebanese March 14 circles

The Lebanese correspondent for the Daily Telegraph (who had the scoop that Ali Mamluk was sacked, which turned out to be false) open supports Nusrah Front and even suggested that fining Christians is part of Islam.

Zionism is always racism

"Tel Aviv housecleaning service advertises higher rates for European help than Africans".

ِA Saudi artist represents Guantanamo

Arrest of a professor in West Bank by goons of the PA

This didn't register in any Western media.  A Palestinian professor, `Abdul-Sattar Qasim, was arrested by goons of the collaborationist PA because they accused the professor of posing a threat to Mahmoud Abbas by a commend he made about the political situation.  

A first? Red carpets for cars in the Sisi republic of Egypt

The logic of Syrian exile opposition

So Syrian exile opposition (I am talking about those loyal to either Qatari regime or the Saudi regime) wants--in the name of peace--to put an end to Russian military intervention in Syria, while it also--in the name of peace--calls for more intense Western military intervention in Syria.  

The formula of Saudi and Qatari regime media: which is copied in Western media

All those media (especially in their propaganda pictures and dispatches) operate according to this simple formula: all the residents of Syrian "liberated" areas are exclusively children, while all the residents of areas under the control of the Syrian regime are exclusively soldiers and shabbihah.  

The Damur Battle in the Lebanese civil war

My weekly article in Al-Akhbar: "The Battle of Damour: Lies of MTV"

The fools of Israeli propaganda media

Do those fools really think that some Israeli invented this method to cooking cauliflower? I mean, their lies would have easily passed to Western audiences had it not been for the millions of Arabs who grew up eating those dishes that Israeli invariably claim to have invented.  

Friday, February 05, 2016

The progressive-who-gets-things-done sitting with Henry Kissinger

Giulio Regeni’s case

"Mr Regeni, a PhD student at the Department of Politics and International Studies (Polis) at the University of Cambridge, was a visiting scholar at the American University in Cairo (AUC). According to news and other sources, he left his apartment at 8 pm on 25 January with the intention of taking the metro from Duqqi to Bab al-Louq to meet a friend, but never arrived. 
We understand that, although initial statements from your government attributed Mr. Regeni’s death to a robbery gone awry or a traffic accident, State Prosecutor Ahmed Nagi has now admitted that there were signs of torture on the body, including cigarette burns and knife wounds. 
Even were this case an isolated incident, it would demand a thorough investigation to identify those responsible and bring them to justice. However, what makes this case even more disturbing is that it is but the most recent, if the most deadly, example of the growing danger posed by the current political climate in Egypt to all those engaged in academic work. We have written to you repeatedly over the past months to express our deep concern regarding a range and number of violations of academic freedom and freedom of expression that would require countless pages to list in full*: 
  • denial of entry to the country and harassment of numerous scholars and researchers; 
  • gross state interference in university student and faculty governance; 
  • the dismissals and expulsions of hundreds of students and faculty; 
  • the sentencing of academics to death. 
Now, an academic has been brutally murdered." (thanks Laurie)

Compare Ralph Nader with Bernie

Now Ralph Nader was a truly progressive candidate, not like this wobbly and waffling candidate, Sanders.  

Hillary and Bernie

Hillary is so lucky to have Bernie as her opponent: he blows it very time in the debate. He squanders every opportunity to go after her.  

Saudi government reminds you via text messages that you have flogging that day--kid you not

It says: "you have an appointment for flogging tomorrow and be there at 8:30AM at the prison administration."

Yet, again: New York Times downplays and belittles sieges by Syrian rebels

"The United Nations has said government sieges are responsible for denying the delivery of food and medicine to 187,000 people, while the rebels are besieging 12,000 in government-held towns."  How did they arrive at this figure? Today, As-Safir gave a number of 70,000 civilians in Nubul and Zahra' alone.  I have seen estimates of 40,000, but this is only for two villages.  

If this were a Muslim group, the story would be front pages and liberals would be issuing condemnation around the clock

"A leading American Jewish group promoting therapy it said could turn gays to heterosexuals was ordered shut in December by a New Jersey court, amid growing efforts in the U.S. to curb the generally discredited practice. But therapists with ties to the shuttered group say they have found a haven for their work in Israel."

US-funded militia employ child soldiers

"The Taliban’s murder of a 10-year old Afghan boy this week has cast a spotlight on the practice by US allies of turning children into fighters in the war-torn country." "US military officials in Afghanistan, the Pentagon and US Central Command did not answer the Guardian’s questions about US funding going to Afghan militias that employ child soldiers."

People who are trying to "converting gays" are finding refuge in Israel--where else

""Therapists linked to a leading American Jewish group that tries to convert gays into heterosexuals say they have found a haven for their work in Israel, after it was forced to close in the US." (thanks Amir)

The quality of Qatari regime media

This is from Al-Quds Al-Arabi: it alleges that a German tourist has AIDS and is purposefully spreading the disease among Tunisians.

I am still cracking up over this statement from a Lebanese-American expert at National Defense University when he testified before on Congress on Hizbullah

"but Venezuela's geographic proximity to West Africa make it an ideal launching pad."  Not to mention Mexican proximity to Iran, and US proximity to Somalia.  

Thursday, February 04, 2016

This just in

Bernie Sanders: I urge people to vote for Hillary over me. 

Obama's visit to the mosque in Baltimore

Muslims in the US were so pleased with the visit of Obama to the mosque (in the last months of his administration) that they begged him to bomb more Muslim countries.  "We would be honored," they pleaded. 

Bernie Sanders in debate

Bernie Sanders never misses an opportunity to fail to debate Hillary.  


Bernie Sanders has just declared that Chipotle is the biggest national security threat to the US. I happen to agree.


It is spelled Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooozlems

Israel and presidential debates

When you hear US presidential candidates talk about Israel, they want to lead you to say: oh, poor Israel. Look what they are doing to poor Israel?

He agrees with the Secretary.

The most oft-repeated phrase by Bernie Sanders in debates with Hillary: I agree with the Secretary.