Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Western support for the Saudi war on Yemen

Why should we only mock those Arab journalists who work for propaganda of Saudi princes (although they call it journalism) while Western governments have been as obedient and loyal to the Saudi regime?  Notice the lack of outrage in the Western media about this savage Saudi-led war on Yemen.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Muhammad Dahlan found to be non-corrupt

After filing charges of corruption against Muhammad Dahlan by the corrupt PA, a corrupt PA court found Dahlan to be non-corrupt, under pressures from the corrupt government of the UAE.

More lies from Mahmoud Abbas

"But Mr. Abbas told Palestinian leaders meeting in Ramallah on Saturday that Israel would release the tax revenue in full."  No, liar, it didn't release the money in full.

Look at this question in the New York Times

Imagine if a Jewish person is asked: so why do you bother to keep your faith:  "Why is it important to you to remain a Muslim, rather than rejecting your faith outright, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali has?"  What kind of question is this? Just because there is one person who abandoned Islam all Muslims should follow her example? The discourse on Islam as a religion is like no other discourse on any other religion.  Why not ask someone: why don't you love, Nial Ferguson, when Hirsi Ali loves Nial Ferguson. Or: why not call for crushing Islam when Hirsi Ali wants to crush Islam.  Or why not love Israel when Hirsi Ali loves Israel, etc.

Rosa Luxemburg’s partner Leo Jogiches

"To the Editor:

Vivian Gornick referred to Rosa Luxemburg’s partner Leo Jogiches as a “sociopath.” Jogiches was undoubtedly a jealous and domineering personality. He once threatened Luxemburg with a gun for not breaking off an affair with another man. Despite growing apart personally, however, Jogiches and Luxemburg collaborated politically until her death.

Paul Frölich, in his definitive biography of Luxemburg, did not describe Jogiches in Gornick’s terms. Indeed, Frölich approvingly quoted the German Communist leader Clara Zetkin’s comment that Jogiches was “one of those very masculine personalities — an extremely rare phenomenon these days — who can tolerate a great female personality in loyal and happy comradeship, without feeling her growth and development to be fetters on his own ego.”

After Luxemburg’s murder in the aftermath of the failed Spartacus uprising, Jogiches devoted himself to preserving her writings and, not long afterward, was himself executed. To label him a “sociopath” elevates his all-too-typical personal failings above his lifelong political collaboration with Rosa Luxemburg.



Richard Engel's story and the implications about Syrian rebel stories

What is amazing about the mild reaction to the Richard Engel's story--that the moderate, feminist, secular, angelic, romantic, and adorable Syrian rebels--went to the extra length of staging a kidnapping and resorting to torture of victims in order to implicate the Syrian regime, and yet: no one in the mainstream Western media or even in the Western human rights organizations bothered to draw conclusions about the credibility of reports and statements by those same rebels.

Eight Significant Problems with the HRW Report on Syria

"1. The HRW report relies heavily on testimony and video/photo evidence from a biased source known as “Syria Civil Defence”. This organization is not what one might assume. Syria Civil Defence was funded and created by UK and USA. Initial training was provided in Turkey by former British military officer and current contractor based in Dubai. In the past year Syria Civil Defence has been rebranded as “White Helmets” by “The Syria Campaign” which itself is the creation of corporate PR firm. Syrian Civil Defence (aka White Helmets) is heavily into social media and actively campaigning for a No Fly Zone. The HRW report does not include any of the preceding information on Syria Civil Defence, its origins and obvious bias. Shouldn’t “evidence” received from them be considered with a skeptical eye?" (thanks

A US bomb dropped by Saudi jets killed this Yemeni reporter: Western media won't make him famous because his killers are "moderate allies"

The Zionist usurping entity demolishes homes for 83rd time

"Israeli bulldozers demolished homes in the Bedouin village of al-Araqib village in the Negev for the 83rd time on Monday, in addition to a home in the Negev village of Atir, local activists said."

The Saudis developed the course some years ago using the U.S. Army War College as a model

"Twenty-five military officers from Saudi Arabia traveled to Stuttgart to learn about the mission and programs of U.S. Africa Command." "The Saudis developed the course some years ago using the U.S. Army War College as a model."

Not in the US media: Hizbullah's statement about the ISIS crimes against Ethiopian Christians

"Hezbollah denounced the new crime that was committed by the terrorist group of ISIL in Libya and that claimed dozens of innocent Ethiopian citizens, offering condolences to the families of the victims and those who experienced the agonies of that horrible massacre.

In a statement, Hezbollah considered that the crime complements the series of tarnishing the image of Islam and the Muslims and persists on seeking the religious and the sectarian wars in order to serve the malicious plots of the intelligence services in a number of Arab and Western countries.

The statement added that the criminal ideology of ISIL is one of the major dangers that threatens our nation and affects its present and future negatively, what imposes on everyone the responsibility of encountering that ideology which originates in the genocidal Wahhabism that, in turn, inflicted destruction, murder and fire wherever it existed."

54,700 private contractors worked for the Defense Department in its areas of responsibility

"The United States Central Command, which is in charge of military forces in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan, reported in January that 54,700 private contractors worked for the Defense Department in its areas of responsibility. In Afghanistan alone, where about 9,800 American troops are deployed, the Pentagon is paying for almost 40,000 private contractors, more than a third of whom are American, according to the Centcom report." “You are going to keep having contractors for security,” said Mr. Crocker, the former ambassador. “You can’t do things in Iraq or Afghanistan without them. You just can’t.” " (thanks Amir)

Opposition to war on Yemen

I consider one's own view of the Huthi movement to be irrelevant (and my views of the movement are not favorable at all), and one is obligated to condemn this war on Yemen and its people. This is like saying: one can't condemn the Israeli war on Gaza because one is not a fan of Hamas. 

Congressional law and Israeli military superiority

"Congress enacted a law in 2008 requiring that arms sales allow Israel to maintain a “qualitative military edge” in the region. All sales to the Middle East are evaluated based on how they will affect Israeli military superiority. "

A US-sponsored war on the civilian population of Yemen

"“A good number of the American arms that have been used in Yemen by the Saudis have been used against civilian populations,” said Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association, an assertion that Saudi Arabia denies."

Why this Saudi-led war is an American business venture

"American defense firms are following the money. Boeing opened an office in Doha, Qatar, in 2011, and Lockheed Martin set up an office there this year. Lockheed created a division in 2013 devoted solely to foreign military sales, and the company’s chief executive, Marillyn Hewson, has said that Lockheed needs to increase foreign business — with a goal of global arms sales’ becoming 25 percent to 30 percent of its revenue — in part to offset the shrinking of the Pentagon budget after the post-Sept. 11 boom."

arms sales to GCC tyrants: "with few public objections from Israel"

"The United States has long put restrictions on the types of weapons that American defense firms can sell to Arab nations, meant to ensure that Israel keeps a military advantage against its traditional adversaries in the region. But because Israel and the Arab states are now in a de facto alliance against Iran, the Obama administration has been far more willing to allow the sale of advanced weapons in the Persian Gulf, with few public objections from Israel."

The Changing Socio-political Attitudes of Saudi Students Studying Overseas

"More interesting is that Saudis outside had more dissatisfaction about the Saudi legal
system as reflected in a huge gap of 72% compared to the Saudis inside the Kingdom.
Similarly with the situation of human rights in KSA, nearly a quarter of Saudis overseas
considered it satisfactory relative to the Saudis in KSA who were more satisfied 43%.
Regarding the satiation of civil and political rights, more disappointment among Saudis
overseas (66%) while it seems much less among Saudis inside KSA (33%). On religious establishment, minor differences appeared between the two samples on religious foundation’s role in social and political issues ranging less or equal to 20 percent unlike the other items. In case of women’s participation in politics, there was no significant distinction between the two samples." (thanks Mohammed)

Why do they hate us: These are US bombs being dropped on Yemen

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Germany and Israeli nukes

"Germany secretly funded Israel's clandestine nuclear arms program, according to reports in the German media, which contradicting denies made earlier this month by Israel's former President Shimon Peres. A report in German daily Die Welt claims an agreement was made during a meeting in New York in 1960 between Germany's then-Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and Israel's then-prime minister David Ben-Gurion. Germany agreed to loan Israel $500m (£330m), officially to help develop the Negev desert but actually to help produce nuclear weapons." (thanks Amir)

I am really confused now: I thought that hate speech against Muslims is good natured humor?

"Mr. Valls also announced more assiduous monitoring of hate speech online, using existing tools that enable the flagging of racist content on a website. " Oh, you mean when it is not directed agianst Muslims. OK.  So in that case the freedom of speech defense does not apply.  Got it. 

Lest some Muslims sneak in among the Syrian refugees

"In February, Mr. McCaul wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry demanding details about refugees who have already been admitted or are in the pipeline, including their ages, ethnicities and religion. He also wanted to know how American officials are screening Syrians."

The US (as the leader of the Friends of Syria gang) may have solved the Syrian refugee crisis

"The United States is scheduled to take in its largest group of Syrian refugees to date — up to 2,000 by the fall of this year, compared with a total of about 700 since the civil war in Syria began four years ago, according to the State Department.  But the plan is stirring pushback from Republican lawmakers in Congress, who are increasingly vocal about the fear that terrorists may sneak in with the refugees."

Syrian revolution and claims

Do you remember when people like me and a few others were insisting that Jihadi terrorist types are among the most active fighters in the Syrian "revolution" how we were attacked and we were told that, no, the ones who are actually fighting and leading the fight in Syria are a combination of Sufis, sex-loving couples, and hippies?  I remember. I no more read that kind of analysis anymore alas.  Or the notion that a woman (usually Suhayr Al-Atasi who recently resigned from some ineffectual body or another) is leading the Syrian "revolution"? One days someone would write a book about the American war lobby and propaganda surrounding the Syrian "revolution".  

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Palestionian prisoners' DAY

""More than most villages in the occupied West Bank, residents of Beit Ummar know the meaning of Prisoners Day - in a population where 44 percent of men have been imprisoned at some point in their lives." "With 6,000 Palestinians currently incarcerated in Israeli jails, Prisoners Day is a significant date in the political calendar.""

thanking "God" for the Saudi and GCC tyrants

" “Thank God for the Saudis and Prince Bandar,” John McCain told CNN’s Candy Crowley in January 2014. “Thank God for the Saudis and Prince Bandar, and for our Qatari friends,” the senator said once again a month later, at the Munich Security Conference." "Qatar’s military and economic largesse has made its way to Jabhat al-Nusra, to the point that a senior Qatari official told me he can identify al-Nusra commanders by the blocks they control in various Syrian cities. But ISIS is another matter. As one senior Qatari official stated, “ISIS has been a Saudi project.” ISIS, in fact, may have been a major part of Bandar’s covert-ops strategy in Syria." "Like elements of the mujahideen, which benefited from U.S. financial and military support during the Soviet war in Afghanistan and then later turned on the West in the form of al-Qaeda, ISIS achieved scale and consequence through Saudi support, only to now pose a grave threat to the kingdom and the region.""

Yemen scholars in US and UK oppose the war on Yemen

"A group of 18 Yemen scholars and experts based in the United States and Britain published an open letter decrying the near month-long Saudi bombing campaign in the country. The letter, whose signatories include academics at Harvard, Oxford and Columbia universities, argued the Saudi-led war "is illegal under international law" and urged American and British officials to push for a U.N. Security Council resolution "demanding an immediate, unconditional ceasefire.""

US forces around the world

""U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) consist of over 69,000 operators and support personnel deployed to more than 80 countries around the world, the SOCOM posture statement said (compared to “over 75 countries” in last year’s statement).""

Just like in Syria

Early in the war in Syria I was warning--among others but not in mainstream US media--that an ugly terrorist threat is about to emerge in Syria facicilitated by Gulf funding and arming and with the full support of the US government.  Simiarly, there is a danger perhaps bigger looming in Yemen. Saudi regime is resorting to the use of Al-Qa`idah aginast the Huthis, and allowed them to take over an airport and maybe an oil field.  All that with US bombs and rockets provided to the Saudis, and possibly indirectly to Al-Qa`idah.

Sony Emails and services to Israeli propaganda

""Billions of US dollars are spent producing product in the UK and Europe and billions of dollars are made by UK and European film, media, digital and tv companies distributing their product in the US ..........It is imperative, therefore, that we who support Israel during these tough times and make our voices heard in the capitals of Europe and at important festivals and markets like Cannes, Venice, Berlin, MIP etc. ..." (thanks Amir)

Obama speaks to the Saudi King

From this statement I can gather that the US president is worried about the direction of the Saudi military campaign in Yemen.

What is a Shi`ite accent? it is when you insert the word Shi`ite in every sentence

"Engel, who speaks Arabic, recognized their accents and the Shiite chants that played on their cellphones. "

Richard Engel can tell Shi`ites by their...cups

"Where Engel earlier said his kidnappers were Shia, they were actually Sunni. But, Engel said, "The group that kidnapped us put on an elaborate ruse to convince us they were Shiite Shabiha militiamen," including using specific accents and the presence of Shiite cups and music. "  What about their potatoes, Mr. Engel? Are they distinctive as well?  (thanks Basim) 

The Saudi ambassador is right

My weekly article in Al-Akhbar: "The Saudi ambassador is right: Al-Akhbar should know its limits".

The American people should know: the US is on the side of Al-Qa`idah

The Saudi-US-GCC alliance in Yemen is working hand-in-hand with Al-Qa`idah. What the Saudi regime calls "rebels" or "resistance" in Yemen are none other than Al-Qa`idah terrorists. The same game was played in Syria, of course. Will Richard Engel now claim that he was kidnapped by Huthis, I wonder?

Nasrallah's speech yesterday

Nasrallah's speech yesterday was a watershed in the Shi`ite attitudes toward the Saudi regime and the ruling Wahhabiyyah doctrine. Historically, there were Sunni and Shi`ite attacks on the kooky Wahhabiyyah doctrine, but Sunni cleris after Nasser were largely bought off by the House of Saud, while Shi`ite clerics practiced a true about the Saudi regime and Wahhabi doctrine. Furthermore, Saddam's regime ended the publication of anti-Wahhabi tracts in Yemen. Nasrallah yesterday went all out against the Wahhabi doctrine and--before Liz Sly and Anne Barnard typically distort the words of Nasrallah--he again made it clear that they pose the biggest threat to Sunnis.  He never presents their danger as a sectarian danger against Shi`ites. He spoke about Wahhabiyyah as the mother milk of contemporary terrorist Islamist groups which is undeniably true.  Iran still avoids such rhetoric.

Saudi regime buying media

Just like in 1990, Prince Khalid bin Sultan went around buying off Arab media right and left and center, Saudi regime is now also forcing all Arab media to toe the line or else. This explains why the formerly Qatari-supported and virulently anti-Saudi regime, New TV of Lebanon, has now become pro-Saudi war on Yemen.  My first Lebanese TV appearance ever on this station was against the Saudi regime.

Saudi heroics

The caption says "Jets of the Alliance force a rescue plane which defied the ban to land in Jizan".

Wahhabi Doctrine

Wahhabi Doctrine strictly prohibits visitation of the trombs of the Prophet and his companions. This was the reason why the House of Saud destroyed many of the tombs of the companions. But Wahhabi Doctrine does not prohibit the visitation of the tomb of
George Washington.

Friday, April 17, 2015

My interview on Democracy Now

You can watch now here.

Shame on the Economist magazine

The Economist magazine would never treat with respect an anti-Semitic bigot who writes on Judaism without having any academic or even journalistic training on the subject. This author's only qualification her extreme bigotry and desire to "crush" Islam.  Look at this lousy favorable review.

The Imperial US presidency

We now learn that US presidential powers in foreign policy are almost unlimited with the exception of decisions and policies that are not approved by Israel.

An Israeli official considers US Congressional decision as "an Israeli achievement"

"In Israel, officials welcomed the compromise reached in Washington, with Yuval Steinitz, the minister of intelligence and strategic affairs, describing the congressional move as “an achievement for Israeli policy.”"

So why was Cuba placed on the terrorism list to begin with

"The United States labeled Cuba a sponsor of terrorism in the early 1980s because of its support for leftist insurgent movements in Latin America. The island also harbored a number of American fugitives, including Joanne D. Chesimard, who is wanted in the killing of a New Jersey state trooper in 1973 and is among the F.B.I.’s most wanted terrorists."